Intern Nicole, A word of Advice…

Dear Future Trenton Thunder Interns,

Congratulations! You have been selected for one of 20 prized spots in the Trenton Thunder Internship Program, for which over 100 people were interviewed! Prepare to have one of the most eye-opening, rewarding, and most busy summers of your life. Plus, there aren’t too many places you can work at that have two dogs around all the time! You’ll soon learn that Chase doesn’t care whose foot he is sleeping on, and Derby has a mind of his own (he can even open doors!).

This internship is one of the best around. Your supervisors will provide you with an environment in which you learn every aspect of running a minor league baseball team. You’ll even get other great opportunities besides working Thunder games and office hours. For instance, I got to do public-address announcing one afternoon, represent the Thunder at several community events, and write on the blog! I look forward to reading a future Thunder intern’s blog posts.

The saying “fun happens here” is true – the l0ng hours are worth it in the end. One of the highlights of the 2011 season for me was when a little girl came up to me with the biggest smile on her face and said, “I didn’t know baseball games were so much fun!” And who knows, maybe you’ll be lucky enough to witness a major league rehab assignment, for four, like we did this summer! Hughes, Jeter, Lidge, and Victorino – all in one season. I’ll never forget when Phil Hughes tipped his cap to the fans that hot Wednesday in June. I was ushering the first base side.

The Trenton Thunder have a stellar reputation in the minors; the words “model organization” are often used to describe their operation. In fact, the Trenton Thunder are even known in Australia! Mike, the newest member of Team Thunder, was sent to Trenton from the Australian Baseball League to learn everything he could from the best in the business. Interning for such a notable team is definitely something to be proud of, and I’m thankful I got the opportunity.

Good luck and enjoy it – time flies when you work 60 hour weeks!  In the meantime, be sure to get a lot of sleep, and get used to thinking outside the box.



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