Tips From Tom #2

Tips from Tom #1

Tom Farrell, Trenton Thunder bus driver, is very good at driving a ten-ton vehicle 65 mph on the highway with a movie blaring in the background. He also excels in providing life lessons.

In the latest “Tips from Tom” segment, Mr. Farrell lets us in on the secret to not burning your mouth while drinking coffee with a “t0-go” lid on it.

According to Tom, if you poke three holes in the top of your lid (shown below, left), the flow of the piping hot beverage is faster out of the hole you are drinking out of.  It has something to do with physics, aerodynamics and/or gravity, but Tom simply puts it as “a way to not burn the ever-living daylights out of the top of your mouth.”  Simply put, Tom!

Left: Tom's 3-hole method / Right: The original lid you are given

So, the next time you take a scalding cup of java to-go, think of Tom, and poke those holes!

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