Where Are They Know?

…Dave McDonough, longtime friend of the Thunder, knows.  He takes a look at where former Thunder players, coaches and managers are currently participating in organized baseball.  It’s very interesting to see where some of these guys are to start the 2011 baseball season.  Thanks Dave for your hard work and contribution!

Thunder Alumni in Organized Ball (Years played for Thunder in parentheses. Changes for 2011 indicated in boldface):

Andy Abad (95-97): coach, A Visalia (DBacks)

Alfredo Aceves (08): Red Sox

Scott Aldred: (pitching coach 07- 08), pitching coach, AAA Scranton (Yankees)

Ryan Baker (10): AAA Scranton (Yankees)

Lance Berkman (rehab 10): Cardinals

Rafael Betancourt (97-01): Rockies

Yhency Brazoban (03): AAA Round Rock (Rangers)

Andrew Brackman (10): AAA Scranton (Yankees)

Daniel Brewer (10): AAA Scranton (Yankees)

Brian Bruney (rehab 08, 09): AAA Charlotte (White Sox)

Melky Cabrera (05): Royals

Andy Cannizaro (03-05, 07): scout, Yankees

Robinson Cano (03- 04, rehab 06): Yankees

Buddy Carlyle (04): AAA Scranton (Yankees)

Matt Carson (05-08): AAA Sacramento (Athletics)

Noel Castillo (09-10): A Tampa (Yankees)

Francisco Cervelli: (08, 09): Yankees

Joba Chamberlain (07): Yankees

Justin Christian (06,07,10): AA Richmond (Giants)

Anthony Claggett (08): AA Altoona (Pirates)

Tony Clark (94): Director of Player Relations, Major League Players Baseball Association

Tyler Clippard (06- 07):  Nationals

Phil Coke (08): Tigers

Jesus Colome (06): AAA Colorado Springs (Rockies)

Jose Contreras (03): Phillies

Reegie Corona (07-09): Yankees DL

JB Cox (06, 08): restricted list, Yankees

Colin Curtis (07- 09): Yankees DL

Jorge De La Rosa (01-02): Rockies

Joe DePastino (96-99): minor league catching instructor (Tigers)

Ralph Dickenson (hitting coach 06):  hitting coach, A Dunedin (Jays)

Octavio Dotel (rehab 06): Blue Jays 

Justin Duchscherer (00- 01): Orioles

Shelley Duncan (05- 06): Indians

Mike Dunn (08- 09): Marlins

Dave Eiland: special assistant, Rays

Scott Emerson (95- 96): pitching coach, AAA Sacramento (A’s)

Chad Epperson (97-99): minor league catching instructor, Red Sox

Adam Everett (99): Indians

Bryan Eversgerd (96): pitching coach, AA Springfield (Cards)

Ethan Fagget (97): Assistant Director of Florida Baseball, Red Sox

Frank Francisco (02): Blue Jays

Nomar Garciaparra (95): analyst, ESPN

Billy Gardner Jr. (manager 01-02): manager, AA Montgomery (Rays)

Brett Gardner (06- 07): Yankees

Jose Gil (09-10): AAA Scranton (Yankees)

Alberto Gonzalez (07): Padres

Edwar Gonzalez (08-10): hitting coach, GCL Yankees (Yankees)

Raul Gonzalez  (99): In probably the most unusual job for a Thunder alumnus, Gonzalez has been hired by the Tigers (or by MLB, nobody seems to know which) as a companion for the troubled Miguel Cabrera. Gonzalez has a locker next to Cabrera, and works out with the team, but is not on the roster.

Mike Griffin (pitching coach, 99-02): pitching coach, AAA Norfolk (Orioles)

Taylor Grote (10): A Tampa (Yankees)

Danny Haas (01): scout, Red Sox

Eric Hacker (08-09): AAA Rochester (Twins)

DeMarlo Hale (manager 97-99): bench coach, Red Sox

Sean Henn (04- 05): AAA Las Vegas (Blue Jays)

Phil Hughes (06- 07): Yankees

Walter Ibarra (08): A Tampa (Yankees)

Austin Jackson (07- 08): Tigers

Steven Jackson (07- 08): AA Chattanooga (Dodgers)

Derek Jeter (rehab 03): Yankees

Nick Johnson (rehab 03): Indians (DL)

Ron Johnson (manager 02): coach, Red Sox

Jeff Karstens (05-07): Pirates

Ian Kennedy (07): DBacks

George Kontos (08-10): AAA Scranton (Yankees)

Zack Kroenke (07- 08): AAA Reno (DBacks)

Brandon Laird (10): AAA Scranton (Yankees).

Ron Mahay (95-97): AAA Reno (DBacks)

Jeff Marquez (07- 08): AAA Charlotte (White Sox)

Justin Mashore (94, 99): coach, AA New Hampshire (Blue Jays)

Bill Masse (manager 05-06): eastern pro scout supervisor, Mariners

Hideki Matsui (rehab 06): A’s

Zach McAllister (09): AAA Columbus (Indians).

Daniel McCutchen (07-08): Pirates

Mark Melancon (08): Astros

Carlos Mendoza (07-09): manager, Tampa rookie team (Yankees)

Lou Merloni (95-97): sports show host, WEEI, Boston

Trever Miller (94): Cardinals

Juan Miranda (07): DBacks

D.J. Mitchell (10): AAA Scranton (Yankees)

Jose Molina (rehab 09): Blue Jays

Jesus Montero (09): AAA Scranton (Yankees)

Lipso Nava (95): manager, A Augusta (Giants)

Dioner Navarro (03-04): Dodgers

Al Nipper (pitching coach 95, 97): minor league pitching evaluator, Red Sox

Hector Noesi (10): Yankees

Ivan Nova (09): Yankees

Eduardo Nunez (09): Yankees

Luis Nunez (10): Scranton (Yankees)

Adam Olbrychowski (09-10): A Potomac (Nationals)

Scott Patterson (06-07): AA Jackson (Mariners)

Carl Pavano (96, rehab 06, rehab 08): Twins

Lance Pendleton (10): AAA Scranton (Yankees)

Ramiro Pena (05-08): AAA Scranton (Yankees)

David Phelps (10): AAA Scranton (Yankees)

P.J. Pilettere (07-09): AAA Scranton (Yankees)

Ryan Pope (10): AAA Scranton (Yankees)

Ramon S. Ramirez (03-05): Giants

Kevin Reese (03-04): scout, Yankees

Rene Rivera (10): AAA Rochester (Twins)

David Robertson (07-08): Yankees

Tom Runnells (manager 94): coach, Rockies

Kevin Russo (08): AAA Scranton (Yankees)

Freddy Sanchez (01-02): Giants

Amaury Sanit (09): AAA Scranton (Yankees)

Omir Santos (05-07): AAA Toledo (Tigers)

Bronson Sardinha (04-07): AA Tulsa (Rockies)

Josh Schmidt (10): Scranton (Yankees)

Eric Schmitt (03, 05): Asst VP, Baseball Operations, Yankees

Jeff Suppan (95): AAA Omaha (Royals)

Jose Tabata (08): Pirates

Kanakeo Texeira (09): Royals

Lee Tinsley (95): minor league outfield and baserunning coordinator, Cubs

Ralph Treuel (pitching coach 96, 98): minor league pitching coordinator, Red Sox

Jose Valdez (08-09): AAA Oklahoma City (Astros)

John Valentin (rehab 01): coach, AAA Albuquerque (Dodgers)

Jorge Alberto Vazquez (09): AAA Scranton (Yankees)

Pete Walker (97): pitching coach, AA New Hampshire (Blue Jays) 

Chien-ming Wang (03-04): Nationals

Adam Warren (10): AAA Scranton (Yankees)

Kevin Whelan (07-10): AAA Scranton (Yankees)

Eric Wordekemper (07-10): AAA Scranton (Yankees)

Chase Wright (07-08): AAA Nashville (Brewers)

Kevin Youkilis (02): Red Sox

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